Midsummer night’s dream, New Edinburgh

August 12, 2007

Another event that took place yesterday, but this one after dark, was the Lumière Festival in the local Park. The children of the neighbourhood were out in force last night, the little (and not so little) girls in fairy costumes with gauzy wings, and nearly all of them carrying lanterns or glow sticks. From the opposite bank of the river the candle-holding lamps that lined the paths through the park could be seen reflected in the water ; interspersed with these, monsters and fantastic edifices were glowing as well as a goblin’s face or two, lit from below and grinning spookily from the bushes. One of the illuminated dragons was emerging from the river like a Loch Ness Monster. Fire-jugglers and oriental dancers performed on the grass to a circle of admirers, uninhibited little children joining in with the dancing, and a crowd also applauded a shadow-puppet show. Our visitors, George (who took the above photograph) and Daniel, walked into the labyrinth of paper bag candle holders laid out on the baseball pitch, but cheated by stepping over the bags when they’d had enough, without having followed the designated paths right the way through. The lady at the entrance told us that this maze was a metaphor for Life. “And people do cheat!” she said.


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