Flour bombs and a game of cricket

August 12, 2007

It was volunteer appreciation day at our Flying Club, yesterday, which gave the excuse for plenty of fun.

The target will be a circle 25 metres in diameter located on the airfield. Each aircraft will be supplied with ONE bomb containing ½kg of flour. Each aircraft shall have one pilot and one bombadier. The aircraft shall approach the field from a normal circuit and pass over the field at 500 feet INDICATED (500 ASL) for the bombing run. The pilot is responsible for maintaining a safe regime of flight while the bombadier is responsible for ensuring that the bomb is dropped in such a way as to remain within the confines of Rockcliffe Airport and does not hit aircraft or buildings or people. The bomb that is judged to be closest to the centre of the target will be declared the winner of the competition.

C-FPTN’s door came off quite easily,dooroff.jpg giving our crew an advantage over other competitors, although in the event our aircraft came third. A spot-landing was the next challenge:spotlanding.jpg Good try, but Joe Scoles flying his tail-dragger was the actual winner.

For the third year running, the afternoon was rounded off with free helpings from Tony’s barbeque and a piece of cake served to the club volunteers and their friends and families, which in our case included our son George and a fellow astro physicist from Australia, Daniel. These two naturally livened up our annual “cricket” match, organised, scored and umpired by Chris, who had to remind Canadian club members of the rules before we began to play.cricketrules.jpg

We did not follow the rules to their full extent and may have been a few cricketers short of a team (team loyalty was a rather vague concept in any case), the wicket so uneven that the (tennis) ball bounced around in an unpredictable manner, but it was a proper game all the same, complete with men and women caught out, stumped and bowled, bails flying into the air, players flying into the air too, though in some cases they landed rather heavily causing at least two injuries, but unlike last year there was no need for anyone to go to hospital this time and no aircraft were hit or damaged. A groundhog popped out of its hole to sit on its haunches and spectate, but perhaps finding the action rather ponderous, didn’t stop to watch the second innings. After a determined battle, the Mugwumpers beat the Dambusters by 23 runs to 18, even though they were the smaller team. Highest scorers were Bill, new to the game, with 12 runs, and George, scoring 9 runs. According to the score sheet I gather I was one of the Dambusters when not taking the photographs; to my shame, I never managed to hit the ball once and was out for a “duck.”cricketgame.jpg


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