To Georgian Bay

August 7, 2007

Last weekend eight of us flew over the Algonquin Park to North Bay and thence to Killarney, in the northeastern corner of Georgian Bay. On the way beyond the western end of Lake Nipissing Chris reported a forest fire we’d spotted, only to see, as we came closer, that fire fighters were already trying to put it out by means of water bombers that circle overhead, release their load of water, then fly to the nearest lake to scoop up some more in their pontoons. We’d seen one of these aircraft being prepared for take-off at North Bay, a Turbo Beaver: waterbomber.jpg.

The scenery on our approach to Killarney airport was spectacular, with white quartzite hills killarneypark.jpgand pink granite islands.inlet.jpg

We stayed at the Killarney Bay Inn on the dried-up golf course on the edge of town, a short walk from the “world famous,” Herbert’s Fish and Chips sold at the wharf, the whitefish freshly caught somewhere in Lake Huron. They were worth the wait. In the afternoon we walked to the lighthouse at the entrance to the Killarney Channel—the stretch of water between the village and George Island—and scrambled and sat on the pink rocks there, washing our toes in the waves. On the way back, Jill found the carcase of a baby snake (massasauga rattlesnake?), squashed by a passing vehicle.

The following morning the Bay Inn kindly lent us a van to help transport our luggage back to the airport and let us have the use of it until after lunch, so Don took the opportunity to drive the rest of us a short way up the road (sitting on the plastic crates in the back of the van) to the Municipal Beach, where we could swim in the clear water of the lake. We missed a visit to the Municipal Dump, where bears are said to congregate.

Back down to the main street for a last chance to enjoy the peace and quiet of the place before we took to the air again.shed.jpgwheelbarrow.jpg


2 Responses to “To Georgian Bay”

  1. Ron Taylor Says:

    Great photo’s and experience, might you have anything to add about the water quality, and the ecology of the area? See my blog I will add a link to your blog.

    Would you mind if I use your photo’s, Did you get any beach shots?

  2. cwlh Says:

    Please feel free to use the pictures. The municipal beach pictures (taken by my husband) show me in my swimsuit, so I thought twice before posting these on the Internet! The water here was very clear, with shoals of tiny fish and some water weeds. I enjoyed diving in as well as swimming in it. This was at an inlet, by the way, not the shore of Lake Huron itself which near the lighthouse was rocky and slippery under foot and full of waves churned up by the wind. We decided against swimming there, thought there’d be too much risk of injury or cold shock.

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