Under the Plaza Bridge

July 24, 2007

Today I sat on an NCC cushion wearing my sunhat, on the steps under the bridge between the War Memorial and the Château Laurier, and while the canal water swished by, filling the canal locks, was entertained once again by the Duo Similia (those blonde twins mentioned in my penultimate blog) on flute and guitar. They played a Gran Duetto by Mauro Giuliani, music that was too delicate, in its andante sostenuto movement, to compete with the motorboats revving up to go through the lock gates, then a bouncy South American Suite Buenos Aires by Maximo Diego Pujol, Annie banging the body of her guitar like a drum in the tango-like sections. Her sister Nadia took a deep breath for the Paganini Prestissimo and they finished with the “fireworks”, as she put it, of the Fantaisie Brillante sur Carmen (Bizet arr. François Borne). While they played, passers-by stopped in their tracks to listen to the music and enjoy the spectacle—cyclists, joggers, roller-bladers, handicapped people pushed in wheelchairs, business men and women on their lunchbreaks, tourists with small children and a couple of gentlemen who appeared to be Georgian orthodox priests, in long black robes and long thick bushy beards.


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