This time next week…

May 19, 2007

This time next week we shall be on the St Lawrence seaway, sailing east towards the high seas. The M.V. Flottbek only carries eight paying passengers in total and Chris and I shall be two of them! Who knows what’s in store for us? A young ‘cellist made a similar crossing in 2005 which you can find described here, but of course every one of these voyages is different. The M.V. Flottbek approaching Canada from Liverpool this week has been ploughing through extreme weather, a Force 11 “Violent Storm”, which according to the shipping agent has delayed her estimated time of arrival in Montreal by two whole days.

After watching the poor people lying on gurneys from the emergency wards for a couple of hours yesterday I consulted a handsome young doctor at the hospital’s Clinique d’orthopédie who prescribed me a smaller, lighter, neater ankle support than the boot I showed you on May 4th, an ankle stabilizing orthosis that can fit inside a normal shoe, so I think I shall be able to move around on board the ship without too much difficulty, once we go aboard. As long as the seas don’t become too violent again, anyhow.

Today I practised my new found skill of walking on the grass and taxiways at Rockcliffe airport, whence we flew to Lachute for lunch. The weather in and around Ottawa is still perfect.

My blog about the voyage will have to be written up in retrospect, as we don’t intend to carry a computer on board, but carry on watching this space if you’re interested.


One Response to “This time next week…”

  1. Sarah Salter Says:

    Hope all has gone well on your voyage, and that you will be posting soon more of your reflections on books, performance arts, your travels and photos, and adventures biking, etc.

    SS – a fellow biker, at the moment doing rehab exercises for a broken finger

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