Nothing venture, nothing win!

March 13, 2007

It wasn’t a real casino. For the fifth year running, members of the Rockcliffe Flying Club enjoyed an evening of innocent pleasures on March 10th, 2007, gambling away their funny money at the Sports Club on Youville Drive in Orleans. The Casino Entertainment Services, Sugar and Spice, wearing appropriately smart, black and white attire (unlike most of the punters) provided the money, the gaming tables, the chips, the cards and the discipline, the Sports Club bar kept us supplied with liquid refreshments, and our social committee (i.e. Brenda), with the help of several donors, arranged for a large number of aviation-related prizes to be on hand.

The pit staff weren’t the only ones to spice up or sweeten the occasion, because this year we also got to celebrate the sensational revelation that Red and Jane, having sneaked off to get married without telling anybody, had just returned from their secret honeymoon in Hawaii. We’d deduced from this news that Red and Jane hadn’t wanted any sort of fuss and interference from the Flying Club regarding their wedding plans, but it was thought that club members ought to let them have a card and a cake at least, and give ourselves the chance to wish them well.

Having applauded the happy couple and having helped them to consume the wedding cake, most people then went back to placing their bets in the on-going games of Blackjack or Craps, although it must be admitted that the rules of the Craps table were a total mystery to some of us. A few lost interest in making a small fortune out of the $1000 we had been given to start with, hung onto our meagre winnings and sat around and gossiped instead.

At the end of the evening each person’s virtual dollars were exchanged for an appropriate number of raffle tickets, the theory being that the more you’d won, the better your chances of winning a (real) prize. The laws of chance being what they are, it didn’t necessarily turn out like that, but enough prizes had been donated for the majority of our party-goers to take home something worth having. Despite having one of the smallest fortunes remaining, I won a lucky draw quite early in the proceedings, so was able to choose a penknife for a prize, to replace the one confiscated from Chris by airport staff on our flight to Australia four years ago.


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