What women want, apparently

March 10, 2007

A friend took me to the National Women’s Show at the Congress Centre today, which has nothing to do with the far more serious business of this week’s International Women’s Day.

The downtown showroom was so packed that all we could do was shuffle along past the booths, going with the slow flow. It was basically a shopping experience plus freebies, the thickest part of the crowd grabbing a trendy selection of food and drink samples in the “World of Taste” zone: teas, wines, pomegranate juices, flax bread, sugar free cakes, whipped chocolate-flavoured cream, Maltesers, meat-free hamburger bits, healthy nut bars and the like, before we reached the zones dedicated to leisure and bodies with the ladies queueing up for free hairdos, nail-painting and massages, and gawping at the displays of pole dancing equipment, contraceptive devices, divorce guidance packs or pet food.

Not my scene, really.

People mostly come to these shows for the handouts. I came out clutching a takeaway bag containing two packets of creamy fruit sugar free “bonbons tendres”, a road map of Ontario, a carton of strawberry flavoured cottage cheese, a cellophane wrapped lollypop, a coupon for $15 off orthopedic shoes, a bookmark listing skin care tips, a beauty body wash, a teabag of pomegranate flavoured green tea, a pore minimizing (sic) refining exfoliator, a deep moisture hand wash, a small bar of chocolate, a Fibre Sense chocolate bar, a shampoo and matching conditioner, two “highly defined” (?) and “intense” anti-aging creams, a Honeybar coupon, some tourist brochures for the 1000 Islands, a body lotion and a low calorie sachet of strawberry-kiwi flavoured crystals to be dissolved in a glass of water.

The one booth that didn’t seem to be pandering to female vanity and greed was the one advertising Habitat for Humanity.


2 Responses to “What women want, apparently”

  1. Faith Says:

    >>The one booth that didn’t seem to be pandering to >>female vanity and greed ….

    So that begs the question, Why did you go???? Is female vanity and greed a guilty secret side of your character? 😉

  2. Alison Says:

    Isn’t vanity and greed a secret side of everybody’s character? Seriously though, when I do something or go somewhere for the first time it’s out of curiosity, mostly, and/ or to keep a friend company, like the time I had a go at aquafitness.

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