March 5, 2007

I woke up from a dream this morning in which someone was opening a rainbow coloured golfing umbrella in a snowy landscape. I don’t recall any other details now, only the vividness of the umbrella against the white background. Maybe this dream was invoked by seeing the ice-blasting team in their orange clothing on the river. Anyway, it was the contrasting colours that caught my attention.

It’s the same with people. If anyone is strikingly different from the norm, he or she stands out and the anonymous mass either admires or vilifies, adulates or ostracises him (or her). At any rate, that person is not treated the same as the rest of us. If that person wants to change the way of the world, though, is it necessarily a good thing to be so prominent, or might it be more effective to blend in more, camouflaged like the flock of snow buntings recently fluttering around our local airport, hard to detect against the snow banks?

The old adage:

Do good by stealth; teach only by example.

cuts both ways, doesn’t it?


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