The Crystal Garden and other delights

February 4, 2007

Ottawa’s Winterlude Festival is upon us now and on Saturday we walked through the Crystal Garden where the Master Carvers have begun work on this year’s creations. Usually, there’s a mini-thaw during Winterlude, and the ice-sculptures lose their sharp edges and start to drip, but so far so good this year, and in any case most of them are housed in marquees this time round. The windchill is forecast to approach minus 40°C tomorrow morning, so let’s hope those canvas walls will protect the people in Confederation Park as well.Winterlude 2002's Ice Sculptures

From the bridge over the Rideau Canal we could look down on all the people skating up and down, their colourful silhouettes against the white background making them look like people in an L.S. Lowry painting.

Friday, with my international friends, I went snowshoeing for an hour along the path that skirts the now frozen Ottawa River to the east of town snowtrail.jpg and today with Chris and Carol I walked the Larriault Trail from the MacKenzie King Estate, one of the very few trails in the Gatineau Park on which you’re allowed without skis or snowshoes during the winter.


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