Writing backwards

October 5, 2006

The thing to remember about Blogs, and perhaps it’s unique in the history of journal-writing, is that the reader comes upon one’s entries in backwards chronological order. So the Blog writer has to think backwards, upside down even. At least, I should be aware that any newcomer to this Blog won’t have a clue what this message (received from a Spanish friend) is about unless you refer to my following (i.e. previous) Blog, below.

I quote the message so that you can see the dance on the boat was not fictitious; it really happened. I’d also like to share the charm of my friend’s English.

Dear Alison:
Thank you very much for the beautiful day at the boat. The colours of the coast and the river were wonderful, the music and dance very funny.

I have a friend from the Mexican Embassy who would like to be included in the club…


4 Responses to “Writing backwards”

  1. Mel Says:

    Welcome to the dangerously addictive pastime of blogging! Yes, blog entries are very much a case of “the last shall be first”, but it’s not unique, perhaps. In opening a conventional diary or a journal, one often takes a page mark – a paperclip, a folded page, as the starting point (particularly if it’s not your diary, and you shouldn’t be reading it anyway, I should imagine) and then riffles back through the pages to re-visit ealier entries. The same happens with letters; the latest is the one that’s read first. It’s akin also to picking up a serialised story part way through. In thinking backwards and upside down etc, is the blogger in danger of becoming a novelist? The really unique thing, to my mind, is that all here is virtual; no actual scratchings on real paper at all!

  2. cwlh Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Mel. I take your point, but here’s the thing that still worries me: “you shouldn’t be reading it anyway.” My husband announced at our crowded supper table last night that I, too, had started ‘blogging’ and this embarrassed me, especially as the announcement was greeted by a palpable lack of enthusiasm. I get the impression most people disapprove of this sort of ego-trip!

  3. cwlh Says:

    On the other hand, there is still that nagging question, “What shall I build or write, Against the fall of night?” (as Housman put it).

    Ironically, I see that the system thinks that the person writing these replies is not me but my husband, “cwlh”! It even posts a picture of him against the words. Well, we must hang on to our sense of humour at all times.

    My name is Alison.

  4. […] posts about our voyage on a container ship, the Flottbek. Unless you want to read the whole story backwards, I recommend you scroll down the page to my account of May 24th, Thursday, Day 1 of this adventure […]

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