A toe in the water

October 2, 2006

I am writing my first ever Blog entry with some misgivings. It’s an immodest activity, isn’t it? Well, enough of prudence and self-consciousness; I’m in now. Instead of leaving comments on other people’s Blogs (and that, too, could be interpreted as immodest), let’s see how it feels to make the first move in this trendy game.

I hope I shall not regret it.

I have chosen the title


for my Blog because life from my point of view seems extraordinarily varied. Over and over again the most unlikely people / objects / events turn out to be connected in some way—if only through me. They appear and reappear, side by side. Take a row of books on a shelf. We try to make some order out of the chaos by grouping them into categories, all the art books together, for instance. Even so, they rub shoulders (as it were) in marvellous ways. I have just wandered over to my nearest row of art books and there stands Dürer next to Blake next to John Hooper the Canadian sculptor. What would those three talk about if they came together in the flesh (re-incarnated). What would they have in common?


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